About Us


CCRM.com is automation tool for Salesforce.com and is available to download from the AppExchange. CCRM is built natively on the Force.com platform and was designed to automate the process of attaching emails to the appropriate Salesforce record. CCRM is the ultimate and only app available for Salesforce.com that will not only automatically log all emails TO and FROM your Salesforce users against the customer records in your CRM, but will even log emails from non-Salesforce.com users in your company.

CCRM.com Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of MailGuard Pty Ltd who are the email experts. MailGuard was founded in 2001 to meet the online security needs of business, MailGuard is now one of the largest providers of SaaS, addressing security, compliance and real-time risk intelligence. The company services thousands of clients located across 27 countries.

As a pioneer and trusted provider of SaaS solutions, MailGuard’s core service offering includes email anti spam, web and email anti-virus protection, as well as content filtering and management. The company also offers email archiving, email continuity and email image filtering services to help business meet its growing compliance reporting requirements.

The company’s services are underpinned by its own sophisticated, multi-million dollar infrastructure, geographically dispersed across multiple continents, acting as a first line of defence against email and web borne security threats.