Relying on the user to add information to Salesforce.com manually or submit via a 3rd party plug-in creates room for error. It defeats the purpose of logging all correspondence with your customers. Chances are the one email the user chooses not to upload, will be the key piece of communication that could help close a high value opportunity or solve a critical support issue.

The Solution

CCRM runs on the force.com platform, this ensures your data remains completely secure and within the Salesforce.com environment. CCRM seamlessly logs all inbound and outbound correspondence to the relevant Salesforce.com Contact or Lead, whilst users continue working with their normal email client. It provides complete automation. There are no extra buttons to click and no additional user input needed.

How it works

CCRM is unique, in that it captures email correspondence even if the employee is a non-Salesforce.com user. This allows you to identify all staff interacting with key Accounts and Prospects, maintain a record of all contacts, and make more informed decisions about license allocation and distribution.

By referencing the Salesforce.com database, CCRM finds matches between an email recipient / sender and a Contact or a Lead and additionally a Case or Opportunity.

When a match is found, CCRM creates a record in Salesforce.com containing the body of the email, sender, recipients, subject information and any attachments. CCRM will also look to see if you have any associated cases or opportunities and log the email against these records also. Email is logged in its own Custom Object allowing you easy access to the information without trawling through pages of Activity History.

Additional Features

Support - free email or phone support.

Reporting - by utilising the native Salesforce dashboards and reports, you can gain visibility into analytics such as emails sent/received each day, inbound vs outbound traffic, and even Salesforce.com user vs. non-user metrics.

Email Policies- with CCRM Preferences & Domain Manager, you control the privacy settings allowing emails to be logged into Salesforce.com.

Free Upgrades - CCRM provides you with upgrades as part of your subscription package.

Frequently Asked Questions

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